Bird & Gurner dip under 2mins in 800m action

There was another great night of action at FB Fields on the 8th of July.

Steven Mackay won the senior 200m in 22.6, from Will Brown who was second in 23.3.  Lucy Woodward (U20) and Hayden Pister (U20) had a close race, with Hayden holding off Lucy to win in 26.7.  In the younger age groups there were PBs from Antony Vinrace (U17) and Jacob Mauger (U15).

The middle distance races were particularly exciting.  Charlie Bird (U20) just held off Jem Gurner (U20) for the win, with both athletes dipping under 2 minutes (1:59.1 and 1:59.2 respectively), and all athletes in that race running PBs.  The U17/U15 race was also fast, with Bradley Andrews-Callec winning in 2:16.6.

Full results can be found here.  Unfortunately, due a lack of the required senior officials, none of the results are able to be submitted to Power of 10.

Thanks to our sponsor, FCM, and to Dan from Sportscast Jersey for photography.

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