Transfer 2000

Twenty-two runners took part in the Annual Transfer 2000 10km race at West Park recently.  Mercifully the rain kept away, although the competitors ran into a strong head-wind on the way back from St. Aubin.

The winner was Jamie Barker who established a big lead early on.  However, newcomer Dr James Briggs made his move over the last few kilometres, caught the front-runner, and only lost out in a sprint finish to the line.  Barker first in 35 minutes 49 seconds.  Briggs second in 35 minutes 50 seconds and third home, racing after a lay-off while competing in duathlon’s and triathlons, was Bruno Francisco in 36 minutes 29 seconds.

The women’s race also produced a thrilling finish.  The early leader was Katie Thompson, with Vicky Barratt in hot pursuit.  However, Andrew Banks had been taking her time.  She passed Barratt at 6 kms and then caught and outsprinted Thompson in the final 200 Metres.  Banks winning the run of the day award in 40 minutes and 54 seconds, runner-up Thompson ran 40 minutes 59 seconds, with Barratt finishing third in 41 minutes 25 seconds.

At the conclusion of the event, Transfer 2000’s Justin Crow presented prizes to the first five male and female club runners.

The next JSAC event is an 8km road at Jardin d’Olivet at 6.30 p.m. on Thursday 19 July.
Place Name Time

1 Jamie Barker 35.49
2 James Briggs 35.50
3 Bruno Francisco 36.29
4 Sam Firby 37.22
5 Damian Maher 38.03
6 Matt Ebbrell 40.07
7 Errol O’Driscoll 40.13
8 Gerry Toudic 40.32
9 Andrea Banks (L) 40.54
10 Katie Thompson (L) 40.59
11 Richie Peters 41.21
12 Vicky Barratt (L) 41.25
13 Dave Woodsford 42.05
14 Jude Hilton (L) 43.42
15 Rebecca Guy (L) 48.01
16 Sue Le Ruez (L) 48.20
17 Debbie Donaldson (L) 50.50
18 Colin Smith 52.12
19 Ellie Le Feuvre (L) 53.14
20 Alan Harrison 61.58
21 Janine Fossey (L) 77.49
22 DNF Stephen Billington


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