Southern XC Efforts from Juniors

Southern Championships Cross Country 2024

Saturday, 27th January saw nine Junior Endurance Cross Country runners attend the championship race at Beckenham Place in London.  The weather was definitely on their side and although there were patches of ice on the course it didn’t take long to turn it to mud!  Athletes had to endure ups and downs, hairpin turns and some seriously boggy areas around the lake.

First up was Samuel Oldham running 4,500m as an U15 with 180 other athletes.  Oldham had a great start but suffered a mental block mid race with the hill looming ahead of him. Despite this he still managed to finish in 89th overall.

The U13 girls race was next with birthday girl Florence Williams running on her 12th birthday.  Williams was running 3,000m with 153 like-minded athletes.  Williams, in her first year as U13, was boxed in at the start but managed to creep forward throughout the race claiming 23rd overall.

The U15 girls were next with Isla Hall and Hannah Sterry leading the way.  The girls stood together for the very fast start and running the same distance as the boys, Isla Hall led the second pack into the woods and finished in 15th with Hannah Sterry following closely behind in 43rd. 183 athletes finished the course.

Whilst the girls were finishing their race the U17 boys race started with our only team in the competition.  Making up the team was Edward and George Carney, Rory Baines and Bradley Andrews-Callec.  The pace from the very start was fast and furious with Andrews-Callec in the leading pack.  The young men ran 6000m with 162 other athletes. Bradley Andrews-Callec finished 6th, Edward Carney 30th, George Carney 63rd and Rory Baines in 90th.

As always, our thanks goes to Jersey Sport for their contribution via the Travel Grant and the chaperones who gave up their weekend to give the athletes this opportunity.

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