Huge Spartan success at Jersey Marathon 2022

Jersey Spartan, sponsored by FCM, entered two relay teams, a male and female, into the Jersey Marathon 2022.  The male team, FCM Spartan Male, consisted of Edward and George Carney, Bradley Andrews-Callec, Casper Whitewood, all U17 track athletes and a non-member, Matthew Andrews who stepped into take the fifth team place after they struggled to find a final team member. The female team, FCM Spartan Female, was represented by Lucci Baker (U20), Hollie Masefield (U17), Helen Hadjam (V40), Yasmin Lookess (SW) and Jess Troy (SW).
Edward and Lucci took the first leg and started strong in good conditions, Ed ran a strong leg to finish 2nd giving George a good start on third place. Lucci handed the red band onto Hollie and both took up the valley looking comfortable.
Waiting at the start of leg 3 were Bradley and Helen.  The weather had now turned and everyone was ushered into the marquee. George, despite having a stitch, held onto second place and Bradley raced off the start line. Helen followed shortly after receiving the band from Hollie.
Bradley managed to take the lead after the first 3k of his leg which he held onto all the way through St Ouens to Les Quennevais. Helen looked strong passing by St Ouens Motorworks.
Anxiously waiting at the start of leg 4 was Matthew and the more experienced Yasmin.  An error in the commentary meant that Matthew wasn’t quite prepared for Bradley who now had a lead of 500m, and was seen through the trees following the lead bike! After a little fumble Matthew chased the lead bike around the track whilst Yasmin took the band from Helen.
The glory legs were being ran by Casper and Jess. It wasn’t long before they were both inside the pen ready to receive the band for the final time. Matthew had managed to hold onto the lead and Casper had a flying start down the railway walk. Yasmin followed shortly after and Jess took off looking strong.
The mens team all managed to get back to the start line to see Casper finish his leg and take 1st place in the relay team. The official time was 2.46.51 and the boys were over the moon with their efforts. Jess came over the line for the ladies team with a final time of 3.16.03. They all waited patiently to see where they had placed and were very pleased to hear that they had finished in 2nd place!
There were numerous other Jersey Spartan runners running in all of the events of the day and in other relay teams. Spotted along the route, was Sam Maher, Alex Rafa, Phil Taylor and Chantelle Frazier.
A special mention to the athletes running in the marathon mile. Isla Hall, Siena Stephens, Myles Christopher and Florence Williams all of whom managed to get a podium position

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