Hampshire League Race 1 – 28/10/2023

The 1st Hampshire league race was held on Saturday 28th of October in Aldershot.
We took eight junior endurance runners over for the first race, all hoping to do well and claim a Hampshire vest for the upcoming race in December.
Teddy Wilson and David Lundie-Smith, U13 boys, were first up. The distance for this course was 3000m and they were expected to do one long lap. Both boys had a solid start over the first 500m. As the boys came into the final arena, Wilson had secured fourth place (11.06) and Lundie-Smith was delighted with his 14th place finish (11.48). Both boys ran incredibly well at the bottom end of their age category.
Isla Hall, u15 girl, was next up. Hall, in her second year at this age category, was racing one long lap and one short lap, 3850m. After a fast start, Hall was in a small group of three heading off into the woods. Hall entered the final arena in second place, finishing in 14.50.
The third race of the day right saw Jake Le Boutiller, u15b, on the start line also racing 3850m. Le Boutiller settled in nicely in the middle of the pack and reemerged a few minutes later finishing a solid 15th in 14.41.
The last race for JSAC team, was the under 17 men. George and Edward Carney, Herbie Buchholz and Bradley Andrews-Callec Unfortunately for the boys, the weather had taken a turn for the worse for their two loop 6000m course. Andrews-Callec had an excellent start getting into the front pack from the start line. Mid race saw Andrews-Callec in 2nd, E Carney in 11th, G Carney 17th and Buchholz in 24th. After a few more minutes the boys entered the final arena. Andrews-Callec finished in 2nd (20.33) E Carney 5th (20.55) G Carney 18th (22.03) Buchholz 25th (22.52).
Due to the earlier disruption and the delayed start to the races it was a mad dash back to the bus before heading back to the airport!

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