Great results from BMC Eltham

Seven athletes travelled to London for a British Milers Club evening race being held in conjunction with Cambridge Harriers open event.  For once, the travel arrangements went according to plan and we arrived at the track in good time.  It was almost perfect conditions when we arrived, just a slight breeze.

First on the track was Jem Gurner (U20) racing the 800m. Jem hasn’t run many races this season due to A-levels but was looking forward to a competitive race.  The pace was set at 1:56 and they came through the first lap in 58. Jem finished in 1:58.2, a seasons best.

The ladies were up next, first Yasmin Lookes (Snr) then Lucci Baker (U20) both running 800m.  Yasmin’s pace maker was set for 2:08 and Lucci at 2:14. Yasmin settled into her first lap well and held on to finish in 2:18.80 and Lucci ran her first lap in 66 finishing in 2:20.21. Both ladies recorded season bests.

A short while later, Casper Whitewood and Bradley Andrews-Callec were racing in the 1500m ‘C’ graded race paced at 66s laps. It was a high standard for the U17 men and both took on the challenge.  Casper smashed his previous PB by 5s finishing in 4:12.73 and Bradley took 2s off of his finishing in 4:19.82.

George and Edward Carney (both U17) were last to race. First George, then Edward. Both men were competing in 1500m. The races were delayed quite considerably throughout the evening with Ed’s race starting at 9.40pm.  Edward finished in 4:44.47 and Ed in 4:33.20, both getting PBs to continue their great improvement this track season.  

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