Social Media

Jersey Spartan Athletic Club  recognises the numerous benefits and opportunities that a social media presence offers.  The Club aims to build relationships and work with the member community to share news/information/successes.  We will endeavour to use social media to engage appropriately with other areas that could benefit the Club, and we actively encourage our members to make effective and appropriate use of it, as well as sharing appropriate outputs.

In order to provide clarity and consistency for members, we have in place procedures to add common sense boundaries around social media use. Our approach is to support members to engage with the social community, while providing appropriate guidance on best practice.

This policy provides guidance on how JSAC uses the internet and social media, and the procedures for doing so. It also outlines how we expect the members and volunteers who work for us, and the young people and senior athletes who are members of our organisation, to behave online.

JSAC reserves the right to add to or amend the terms of this policy at any time without notice; therefore, the latest version of this document should always be reviewed for the most up to date terms, as its rules will supersede any previous versions.


For the purposes of this policy, social media is defined as any online interactive communication tool which encourages participation and exchanges. Common examples include; Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Skype, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, Blogs.
This policy applies to all members (athletes, coaches, officials, parents of members, volunteers) and to all communications that directly or indirectly, represent the Club.

It applies to online communications posted at any time and from anywhere, whether to an individual, a limited group or the world.

JSAC respects privacy and understands that members may use social media forums in their private lives. However, personal communications likely to have a negative impact on professional standards and/or the Club’s reputation are within the scope of this policy.

Professional and personal responsibilities apply regardless of the medium being used. All social media communications which might affect the Club’s reputation, whether made either in a private or professional capacity, must comply with relevant Club’s policies that address member conduct. Professional/non-professional communications are those made through official channels using the Club’s name. All professional/non-professionals communications are within the scope of this policy.

Personal communications are those made via a private social media account, a personal blog or wiki. In some circumstances, these are communications subject to this policy. In all cases, where a private account is used that clearly identifies the Club it must be made clear that the member is not communicating on behalf of the Club. An appropriate disclaimer, such as: “the views expressed here are my own and in no way reflect the views of Jersey Spartan Athletic Club” should be included. Private communications which do not refer to/represent/impact upon the Club, are outside the scope of this policy.


JSAC requires that all members using social media adhere to the standard of behaviour as set out in this policy and other relevant policies.

The following general guidelines apply to members posting content via social media:

  • Do check with a Committee Member before publishing content that may have controversial implications for the Club
  • Do use a disclaimer when expressing personal views
  • Do make it clear who is posting content
  • Do use an appropriate and professional tone
  • Do be respectful to all parties
  • Do ensure you have permission to ‘share’ other peoples’ materials and acknowledge the author
  • Do express opinions, but do so in a balanced and measured manner
  • Do think before responding to comments and, when in doubt, get a second opinion
  • Do set up a shadow system or buddy system i.e. a colleague who can edit/authorise/access posts
  • Do seek advice and report any mistakes to the club committee
  • Don’t make comments, post content or link to materials that will bring the Club into disrepute
  • Don’t use the Club’s logo/branding on personal accounts
  • Don’t breach confidentiality by giving away private information about an individual or JSAC orpublishing confidential material
  • Don’t breach copyright, data protection or other relevant legislation
  • Consider the appropriateness of content given the age of readers, and don’t link to, embed oradd potentially inappropriate content
  • Don’t post derogatory, defamatory, offensive, harassing or discriminatory content
  • Don’t use social media to air internal grievances
  • No comment should ever be made about an individual or subject that:
    • exposes someone to hatred, ridicule or contempt
    • causes them to be shunned or avoided
    • lowers them in the estimation of ‘right thinking’ members of society o disparages them in their office, profession or trade

Digital communications by members must be professional and respectful at all times and in accordance with this policy. Where an incident is reported, refer to the Incidents & Response section below.
Unacceptable conduct, (e.g. defamatory, discriminatory, offensive, harassing content or a breach of data protection, confidentiality, copyright) will be considered extremely seriously by the Club and should be reported as soon as possible to a relevant Committee Member. The Club will take appropriate action when necessary.


JSAC takes eSafety and its duty of care seriously. The Club will do all that it reasonably can to ensure that various online and working environments, including online forums, are safe for all members.

We recommend against adult Club Coaches/Officials/Members using personal (as opposed to public) messaging functionality available on Social Media channels to communicate directly with under 18s.

We would recommend adults also consider carefully any communication made on public functionality, such as Facebook Pages, where this is likely to be seen by Under 18s and that adults should act in an appropriate way on these Social Media resources too.

Where members are working with younger and/or more vulnerable members, extra safeguards may be required such as a moderating content prior to publication. This aspect should always be considered and if in doubt refer to the Club Committee for advice.

Incidents & Response

Any breach of this policy could lead to disciplinary action. Serious breaches of this policy, for example incidents of bullying of other Cub members, inappropriate usage or social media activity causing serious damage to the Club, may lead to Club membership being terminated.

Where a breach of this policy is reported to the Club, this matter will be dealt with seriously and in line with the Club’s Disciplinary Policy. The Club will act immediately to prevent, as far as reasonably possible, any damage to an individual, their rights or the institution’s reputation.

Any stakeholder or member of the public may report an incident to the Club. This should be directed immediately to the Chairman/Committee.

Where members are in receipt of offensive, unacceptable content via social media, this should be reported to the Committee immediately, using [email protected].

Where questionable content has been received by the Club, the Committee must be informed prior to any response being submitted.

Where it appears that a breach has taken place, the Chairman/Committee will review what has happened and decide on the most appropriate and proportionate course of action. The steps for dealing with any incident, methods of escalation, appropriate sanctions and involvement of external agencies are contained in the Complaints & Disciplinary Process.

Note: If an incident needs to be dealt with expeditiously such that does not allow time for Committee representation, the Chairman has the power to make this decision single headedly in the best interest of the Club. Where conduct is considered illegal, the Club will report the matter to the police and other relevant external agencies.

If any Club members, parents or athletes have concerns regarding conduct on JSAC Social Media channels or by Club members as outlined in this document they should contact the Club Committee via [email protected].