Membership Criteria

  1. Membership of the Jersey Spartan Athletic Club (JSAC) shall be open, on application, to anyone over 8 years of age interested in athletics, regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, race, nationality, sexual orientation, occupation, religion, political or other beliefs.
  2. By joining the Club, every Member agrees to abide by the Club’s Constitution, Code of Conduct and other rules and regulations of England Athletics and UK Athletics Limited.
  3. Every candidate for membership shall be considered by the Committee, and membership admission to the Club is discretionary and based on the best interests of the Club as a whole.
  4. The JSAC membership year shall run from 1st March through until 28th/29th February the next year.
  5. Membership rates and class of membership can be found on the JSAC website
  6. The membership rate payable is the rate applicable at the start of the season.
  7. Membership fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  8. Membership fees should be paid by 31 March each membership year.
  9. Membership fees are discussed annually by JSAC Executive Committee, with any changes desired being ratified at the Annual General Meeting.
  10. Membership is for the purpose of partaking in athletics, not solely for the use of other facilities granted to members, e.g. the gym.
  11. Coaches, Officials and Club Officers must be members of the Club.
  12. Members who volunteer as Coaches, Officials and Officers for JSAC will be entitled to free membership from the start of the next membership year, after volunteering.
  13. When a member ceases to be a volunteer for the Club, membership fees, if applicable, will be due on a pro-rata basis for the current membership year.
  14. On resignation from the Club, former members are:
    1. Required to return any JSAC keys, clothing and equipment.
    2. No longer able to train at FB Fields athletics track during JSAC pre-booked training times, until membership fees are paid in accordance with point 13 above.
    3. No longer able to use the gym or other JSAC facilities until membership fees are paid in accordance with point 13 above
    4. Required to refund any training and development costs to JSAC where costs have been incurred within 12 months prior to resignation
  15. The membership rates for new members joining part way through the year will reduce on a quarterly basis. The quarter dates are 1 June, 1 September and 1 December.  The rate payable is the rate applicable at the start of the quarter in which the new member joins.
  16. If existing members have not paid their membership by 31 May, their details will be removed from the membership platform.
  17. Communication with members is made by email via the membership platform.  Any members who have not paid their membership will not receive Club emails.
  18. Members who have not paid their membership:
    1. Will not be eligible to compete in Club competitions and events.
    2. Will not be eligible for any grants received by the Club to assist in competition or coaching costs.
  19. Event results for members will be posted on Power of 10 for athletes in the Under 13 age group and above.