Affiliated UK Athletics (UKA) and AAA of England (AAA)



1.00 The name of the club shall be the “Jersey Spartan Athletic Club”.  The Club shall be incorporated under the “Loi (1862) sur les tenures en fideicommis et l’incorporation d’associations”, as amended.

1.01 The club colours shall be red shorts and a royal blue vest, which carry the Club badge.

1.02 The objects of the Club shall be the promotion and encouragement of athletics as defined by UKA and AAA or their successors, and, in furtherance of these objectives the Club shall have the power to acquire by purchase or on lease or in any manner any property or properties which may be deemed necessary.


2.00 The first members of the Club shall be those persons who are at the present time members of the unincorporated body know as Jersey Spartan Athletic Club.

2.01 Membership shall be open to an athlete (defined by UKA) and to those interested in fostering and encouraging athletics.

2.02 Election to membership shall be by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.  Membership of the Club commences upon the actual date of election.  Life membership may be conferred by the Annual General Meeting, subject to prior nomination by the Executive Committee upon any member who has rendered exceptional service to the Club

2.03 Notices of resignation must be in writing and shall be considered by the Executive Committee within one calendar month or receipt.  Once accepted, membership shall be held to have ceased on the actual date of receipt of the notice by the Honorary Secretary.  The resignation of a member who is in arrears of subscriptions will not be accepted until his/her indebtedness has been met, unless, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, there are extenuating circumstances.  The date of resignation shall be the date on which the debt is discharged.

2.04 UKA and AAA rules apply to all members.  The Executive Committee shall have the power to expel any member suspended by UKA or AAA.

2.05 Any member who has conducted himself or herself in a manner which, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, may bring discredit to the Club or the sport of athletics may be suspended by the Committee and may be reported to UKA and/or AAA.  Should any member’s conduct render it necessary, he/she may be expelled from the Club by a majority vote of the members present at a General Meeting.


The annual subscriptions for the next financial year for the following categories shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting.

    • Up to 10 years (Minis)
    • Over 10 years by under 18 years (Juniors)
    • 18 years of age and over (Senior)
    • Family membership
    • Any other category within rule 2.01 which the majority of members at the Annual General Meeting might decide upon

Ages are to be calculated at 1 September in the year preceding subscription year.


4.00 Club funds shall be placed into an account or accounts with the bank considered by the Honorary Treasurer from time to time to be the most convenient.

4.01 All monies received by the Club shall be placed with the bank closed by the Honorary Treasures under 4.1 above as soon as possible.

4.02 All funds arising from the activities of the Club shall be property of the Club.

4.03 The Honorary Treasurer shall submit all accounts to the Auditors and a Balance Sheed and Income and Expenditure Account shall be made available to all members attending the Annual General Meeting.

4.04 The financial year of the Club shall end on the 31 December each year.

4.05 Any disbursements from Club funds shall be made by the Honorary Treasures subject to the direction of the Executive Committee.

4.06 In the event of the dissolution of the Club, all the assets shall accrue to and be distributed to such charity within the island of Jersey as the members existing at the date of dissolution may determine in a General Meeting.  Provided always that no donation or transfer of any property or assets shall be made until the same shall have been approved by the Royal Court of Jersey under the provisions of Article 10 of the “Loi (1862) sur les teneures end fideicommis et l’incorporation d’associations” as amended and upon this application of the Executive Committee which shall continue in office until and only until such dissolution and transfer of property and assets shall have been completed.


5.00 The management of the Club shall be vested in the Executive Committee who shall be members elected at the Annual General Meeting to be as follows:

President, Chairman, General Secretary and Treasurer, together with six other members.

A member failing to be elected as President, Chairman, General Secretary or Treasurer may nonetheless stand for election for one of the remaining six Executive positions.

5.01 Should the Annual General Meeting fail to elect the full number of ten Executive Committee officer, then the newly-elected Executive shall have a duty to co-opt, as quickly as possible, members to serve on the Executive for the current term.

5.02 The Annual General Meeting shall elect members or employees to act as post-holders, or as members of sub-committees, for various duties as deemed necessary from time to time by the Executive Committee.

Such elected post-holders and Chairmen of sub-committees shall have the right to attend and be heard at Executive Committee Meetings and the Executive Committee shall be entitled to require attendance at Committee meetings to enable the Executive Committee to carry out its functions.  The members of the Executive Committee shall be entitled to one vote each only on all matters and other elected post-holders or sub-committee chairmen shall be entitled to vote only on matters that directly relate to their elected function.  The Executive Committee shall decide whether a non-Executive officer shall have a vote on any issue.

5.03 A member or employee may hold more than one office.

5.04 The Executive Committee shall have the power to appoint members of employees to other posts, and to form sub-committees, as it may deem necessary for the development of the Club, during the course of the year.

5.05 At all Executive Committee meetings, five members shall form a quorum.

5.06 The Executive Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy caused by the withdrawal or defection fo any Committee member.

5.07 Members of the Executive Committee must attend at least two-thirds of its meetings in a membership year (unless prevented by illness or other unavoidable cause) failing which they shall be ineligible for re-election.

5.08 The Chairmen shall have the casting vote at any meeting of the Executive Committee.

5.09 Life Vice-Presidents shall be officers of the Club.


6.00 The Executive Committee shall cause minutes to be kept of all meetings of the Committee and these minutes shall show the members present at each meeting, the orders and directions given by the Committee , all resolutions and proceedings of the Committee and the appointment of all officers and post-holders.

6.01 Any such minutes off a meeting of the Executive Committee that are signed by the Chairman of that Meeting or the Chairman of the succeeding meeting shall be receivable as evidence of the matters discussed at that meeting.

6.02 A copy of such minutes shall be circulated to all members of the Executive Committee before any subsequent meeting.  A signed copy of the minutes shall be retained in the minute book as a permanent record of the proceedings of the Committee.


7.00 The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held on later than the end of April.

7.01 The quorum at all General Meetings shall be twenty members of which at least three must be Executive officers of the Club.

7.02 The Annual General Meeting shall be held to receive reports from the General Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and others, to elect officers of the Executive Committee and other post-holders and sub-committees, to consider Andy propositions properly brought by members and, where appropriate, to present awards.  The President and any Life Vice-Presidents shall be nominated by the Executive Committee.  All propositions for the agenda and nominations for the Executive Committee and other posts must be received in writing, seconded by one other member, at least seven days before the Meeting.

7.03 Voting at ta General Meeting shall be by a show of hands but any member may request that the meeting consider holding a ballot.

7.04 A Special General Meeting must be called by the General Secretary within twenety-eight day of

    1. A request from the Executive Committee
    2. A request in writing from at least 10% of the paid up members of the Club.  When giving notice the General Secretary must state the business and no other business may be brought forward nor discussed at the meeting.

7.05 A minimum of twenty-one days notice of any General Meeting shall be given to members.

7.06 A member who has not paid all monies due from him/her will not be permitted to attend a General Meeting.


8.00 Members are not permitted to enter any competition which is forbidden under UKA rules.

8.01 No member shall take part in any Club event unless he/she has paid all monies due from him/her.


9.00 The Constitution shall be altered by two-thirds majority vote of  members present at a General Meeting.  At least twenty-one days notice of any proposed alterations to the Constitution must be given,  Provided that no alteration to the Constitution shall be come effective until the same shall have been approved by the Royal Court of Jersey under the “Loi (1862) sur les teneures end fideicommis et l’incorporation d’associations” as amended.

9.01 The Executive Committee shall have the power to decide any matter not covered by the constitution.  Such decision mush be confirmed at the subsequent Annual General Meeting.


10.00 The President or General Secretary duly authorised by ta resolution of the Committee shall represent the Club before the Royal Court of Jersey and elsewhere in all matters both real and personal.