Fuelling for the Dementia Half Marathon with True Food






With 6 weeks to go to the Dementia Half Marathon on the 3rd of September, we have teamed up with True Food, specialists in sports nutrition, to provide you with some handy tips to ensure you fuel properly for the half marathon!

Kit Chamier and Paul Garrod of True Food have suggested the following helpful pointers to nail your fuelling for the half:

1. Trial in training

Practice your fuelling strategy during training runs to see what works best for you. Everyone is different so it’s important to know what foods and timing suit your body best.

2. Half marathon plan is by the hour

You will need to consume about 60g of carbohydrate per hour. This can be little and often, or bigger hits every half hour.

3. Know your carbs

Specialist products like sports gels and bars are specifically designed to digest well and deliver the sugar to your blood stream efficiently with minimal gastro upsets. Foods can also work but typically won’t provide as much carbohydrate. A mix of food and supplements is a great idea.

4. Carb load

The day before the race be sure to eat more carbohydrates than normal. This means super sizing each meal and adding in extra snacks to pump the body full of fuel to be used during the race.

5. Secret boosters

Caffeine, beetroot juice, and electrolytes are just some secret boosters to aid performance. They will help you push your body harder for longer.

If you would like to find out more information on how best to plan your nutrition and fuelling leading up to and during the half marathon, contact the team at True Food www.truefood.je
Don’t forget to sign up to the half marathon using the following link: https://race-nation.co.uk/register/jersey-spartan-athletic-club/jersey-spartan-autumn-half-marathon-2023

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