FCM Blog: How you can support your local clubs

Why are sports clubs vital?

Clubs are crucial to the foundations of society as they create resilient communities, thriving environments and healthy, happy people.

That’s why we support the Jersey Spartan Athletic Club – not only is it a club that helps athletes reach their full potential, but it also brings our Island community together through events such as the Club Championships.

By working with the Spartans, we have witnessed first-hand how a club needs the help of its community to survive and grow – whether that’s through volunteering or financial support. Without our help these clubs, which tend to support some of the most vulnerable people in society, are at risk of closing.

Why clubs need support from corporate organisations, volunteers and government funding?

It’s no surprise that many clubs were heavily impacted due to the pandemic. Many experienced short-term financial hardships through sponsors reducing their budgets and some were even forced to close their doors to the community due to lockdown and social distancing.

Although clubs are now recovering, some are still making up for lost time and money. And now with the cost-of-living crisis, many clubs are once again suffering from financial loss.

This is why sponsorships and government funding are essential to helping them survive.

 How to support your local club

As sponsorships are likely to be a club’s primary source of income, they’re needed to help the organisation grow.

Sponsorships can help a club provide outstanding services to their users by allowing administrators to purchase much needed equipment and kit and train coaches and volunteers who will support members.

The four types of sponsorship are:

  • Financial sponsors: This is when a company donates money to sponsor an event or programme.
  • Media sponsors: When a company secures advertising for the event or club. This can include radio promotions, TV ads, or printed advertisements.
  • In-kind sponsors: An in-kind sponsorship involves a company providing goods or services. For example, a restaurant can provide catering services during an event.
  • Promotional partnerships: Unlike a media sponsorship, this is when a promotional partner advertises the event or cause to their own network.

One great way to help your local club is by supporting an event. Event sponsorship enables sponsors to give some sort of investment in exchange for marketing. For example, the sponsoring business can install banners at the venue or get its logo printed on a football kit.


Corporate sponsorships can have significant benefits for both parties involved. Benefits for the club can include increased awareness, ability to provide outstanding services for its users and allow them to acquire new supporters.

For the sponsoring business it can help to increase its local presence through positive mentions in the media. This will boost brand awareness and improve the businesses reputation.

As environmental, social and corporate governance is high on the agenda for all businesses now, supporting a good cause can also lead to happy employees as it shows that they are an employer who cares about the community.

Speaking of club sponsorships, John Wood, Managing Director at FCM said:

‘’It’s important for us to all make a positive difference to the world we live in. Therefore, as clubs play an invaluable role in our society, it’s crucial for us to help them, whether that is through financial or voluntary support.

‘’Supporting your local club will not only have long-lasting impacts on the local community, but it will hopefully inspire other businesses to do the same and follow in your lead.’’

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