Dementia Half Marathon – the road to running 13.1 miles episode 1

In the run up to the Dementia Half Marathon, we are going to meet some of our members who have taken to the tarmac and ran a half marathon, giving insight into their runs and experience.. first up Lisa Garrett..

On Sunday 11th June I took part in my first ever half marathon running event (Canaccord Half Marathon) and completed the 21.2-kilometre race in 1 hour and 58 minutes, just inside my 2-hour target!

I’ve been a keen park runner for a number of years but started running with the Spartans senior group on a Tuesday night back in September of last year. With the encouragement of the Spartans coaches, members and friends I have progressed on to taking part in 5k, 10k, 15k and now 21k races as well as the Bouley Bay hill climb all in just 10 months.

This time last year I would never have believed that I could ever run a half marathon, I’m super grateful to everyone who encouraged me along the way!

Race day started early, cool and misty, good conditions to start the race. The first half of the course saw us drop down into St. Ouens Bay seeing lots of friendly runners and spectators along the way. At L’Etacq I came face to face with an unexpected hill which I managed to tackle with some grit and determination.  The return along the five-mile road felt never ending……. but with the kilometres passing by, some water and free jellybeans I got myself to the terrible hill at the 18k point! What can I say about La Pulente hill…. honestly, I had to walk / run, but I was met at the top of the hill by the smiling faces of the Spartans volunteers serving out more water and positivity…. nearly there!

On the final stretch I was tiring but a fellow runners kind words kept me going and we finished with a sprint across the line together, congratulating each other on a great run!

The Spartan’s running club has really helped me improve my running and the group are so friendly and inclusive, I would encourage anyone to join! If you fancy running with a friendly crew, we meet on a Tuesday night, 6pm, Freedom tree, see you there 😉

If you want to be like Lisa and feel the runner’s high of crossing your first half marathon finish line, sign up today:


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