BMC 04/06/2022

A group of 5 junior endurance athletes travelled to Milton Keynes on June 4th to compete at the PB classic event.

The event wasn’t as large as it had been in  previous years but still pulled in 294 athletes from across the UK all looking for the same thing, a Personal Best.

First up was Isla Hall and Zane Simpson in the 1500m. This was Zanes first BMC and he immersed himself in the atmosphere. Their race was the largest of the day with 18 athletes looking to finish around the 5 minute mark. Isla found herself boxed in on the first lap and fought hard to gain a more comfortable position before settling into the race. Zane was the youngest athlete in the race and battled hard in the dreadful weather. Isla finished in 5.02 and Zane in 5.09.

Next up was Abby who was feeling rather nervous having not raced at this level of competition before. Abby composed herself well and joined the 7 other athletes at the start line. The pace was set at 2.45 for the 800m race. Abby settled well and had two strong laps and finished in 2.53.

Third up was Thailia who was also racing 800m looking for a time of 2.30. Thailia finished in a time of 2.40 and realised that she could have afforded to run a faster first lap. A great learning opportunity for her next races.

There was a considerable time gap between the athletes races and it was a good opportunity to talk about how the athletes were feeling as a group.

Last up was Bradley racing the 3000m. The pace was set for a 9 minute finish. Bradley settled well into his race and ran confidently finishing in 9.18. Although disappointed with his time he was pleased with how the race had gone.

Sadly no PB’s for any of the athletes but a lot of learning opportunities were talked about with everyone able to reflect on their personal performances.

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