Advisa Hepburn Oracle dates

Published: September 2012

Please see the Provisional series dates below from Paul Raimbault:-
We are so grateful to our Sponsor Advisa Hepburn Oracle for their continued support.

I know many of you are keen from your children to stay fit and enjoy the discipline needed for the Endurance side of Running.

Keep in touch with the Coaches in the Endurance team at the track if you need any guidance on how learn basic skills at this age.

We meet Tuesday and Thursday 6.30pm at FB fields and also often at weekends in the Winter for Sand Dune training, In this group we normally only take athletes from year 7 upwards otherwise the younger athletes should train in the multidiscipline Sportshall athletics with with Sam Mc Gowan at the Langford Hall.


Sat 13th Oct – La Braye 

Sat 27th Oct – Mielle de Morville 

(half term 29/10 – 2/11)

Sat 17th Nov – St Ouens Manor

Sat 8th Dec – Queens Valley

(xmas hols 20/12 – 2/1)

Sat 26th Jan – Kempt Tower

Sat 23rd Feb – Noirmont 

(half term 11/2 – 15/2)

Sat 23rd Mar - Venue TBC

(Easter hols 28/3 – 14/4)


Paul Raimbault, Endurance Coach and Organiser

Contact me if needed.