2016 Membership

Published: January 2016

Dear Member

The annual membership fee for 2016 is due , and I wanted to write with regard to a revision to the membership fee rates. 

This year (2015) the payment of track fees in three instalments was introduced, to replace the pay and train method adopted previously.  Whilst this has simplified the payment of track fees, the process has not achieved what was intended.  In light of this, the Executive Committee has decided to simplify the membership subscription further. 

The 2016 membership fee will be payable in one instalment, with one exception, and will include track fees where appropriate.  It is hoped that a one off payment will ensure the income of the Club is maximized, and the cost and administrative burden of periodic collections of cash will be greatly reduced.  The one exception referred to above is the athletes who receive coaching, where it is possible to pay the annual membership in four instalments.

The JSAC membership can be divided into 5 categories and together with the annual membership fee for 2016, is detailed below:

Category of Member 2016

Membership fee

Road runners and senior athletes who do not use the FB facilities - £45

Senior athletes who use the FB facilities - £100

Seniors / Juniors  who receive coaching at FB / Langford - (*) £160

Senior athletes in full time UK education - £45

Coaches and Officials - £20

(*) The junior membership may be paid in full at a discounted fee of £150, or four instalments of £40.   A standing order letter will be available to set this up.  Please note that the mini’s are no longer classified separately to juniors.

All membership fees are due by 31 January 2016.

The membership fee is the Club’s primary source of income.  It is essential for the long term survival of the Club that membership rates are determined not only to meet current and anticipated expenditure, but to enable investment in quality coaching and training. 

Wishing you a Merry Christmas, and a happy, healthy and successful New Year.

Yours sincerely


The Executive Committee


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Mrs Linda Neale                                     Email:- info@jerseyspartan.com
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